Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday random

  • It's just the normal noises. It's just the normal noises. It's just the normal noises.
  • I have turned off comments for the time being. Not because I don't want anyone reading my blog, or commenting... it's just easier this way for right now. Sorry.
  • This morning was the first 'hard' frost of the year (I think). The ground was pretty well covered, as well as the rooftops.
  • Jane worked her first day at the bank yesterday. She was not at the one she will normally be at, but at the main branch for training. She had a session with the security officer for the company, and said he closed with prayer (or else it was written in the training material - not sure). Very interesting nonetheless. She worked 9 am to 1 pm. Today is at her regular place, and the hours will be closer to her regular hours. Seems like a really, really nice company.
  • Last night I got a call from the Obama campaign asking if we wanted to help out on election day. I declined, because the voting machines in my precinct will be about 20 feet from my desk. I told the lady I was going to put a sign out front that this is a "Polling place for Democrats only - Republicans should report to the Methodist Church." Wouldn't that be funny? No, I didn't really say that. But I did decline to help, because I want to be around for all the excitement on voting day. It should be fun.
  • I forgot to turn on the heat for the lady's Bible Study this morning. I ran over about 6:45 am and did it.
  • We went to bed about 10 last night and actually got 8 hours of sleep for a change. We hardly ever go to bed before 11 or so, and I usually get up sometime between 6 and 6:22. So why was I so stinking tired this morning? I swear, sometimes I think getting too much sleep makes you more tired.
  • Jane and I both seem to be getting over our ...whatever it was we had. I was worried Jane was getting pnemonia again from listening to her cough and breathe. Glad she didn't.
  • I need to start on another book. I am bookless at the moment. Just not in the mood. I've kind of been contemplating on some Psalms though.
  • I still haven't fully rebounded in my running. I took a week off awhile back, and just can't get back up to speed. I'm back up to doing about 4 miles a day, but it takes me as long to do that as it took me to do 5 before I took the break. Sure is easy to get out of step. Something is always better than nothing though, I guess.
  • ...other stuff.