Saturday, November 08, 2008

Beard - week 3

Here is a pic of the beard after three weeks. This was not taken by me, but by a friend at the Grass Roots Gathering in Champaign, Illinois. An excellent conference, btw. More on that later.

I think I was actually eating at the time. We got there after it started and were kinda crammed in the back corner. But it was right by this nice spread of food and drinks though. :)

Week 1 and week 2 pics are here for comparison' sake.

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Jim said...

Looking good! WAY better than mine, which tends to get scraggly past the mouth/chin area, which is why I prefer goatees (even though those are over-represented now).

I am one of those weird but lucky guys who's wife likes me better with a beard than without it, so shaving is totally up to me. I tend to shed it in the summer for both heat/sweat and ego reasons (c.f., prior comment about how gray comes in the beard first). Then I grow it back every fall as an anniversary present for Les.

Anyway, it's looking good! ZZ Top, here you come!