Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doing alice in chicago

I am heading to the big city of Chicago, Illinois today. Right down to the center of the dot on the map, in the center of downtown Chicago, to the Richard J. Daley center and the Circuit Court of Cook County - courtroom CL02. I believe this is the same building the Blues Brothers went to to pay the taxes on the orphanage.

I will be accompanying a member of my congregation (and family) to fight a trumped-up traffic violation. And I'm thinking that since it's the day before Thanksgiving it would be entirely appropriate to sing a few bars of Alice's Restaurant Massacree to the judge. I'll walk right in, step right up, and say, "Judge... Judge... can get.. anything you want.. at Alice's Restaurant."
I don't know if he'd think that was too funny. So wish us luck, will ya. Might even need a bit of prayer to navigate the old Buick through city traffic.

UPDATE: The 89 mph in a 55 zone was dismissed. The cop didn't show, and there were many holes in the whole thing. The judge said "have a nice holiday, and... drive a little slower" (with a smile). I have to say, the judge was a super nice and respectful guy. As was everyone else working in the courtroom. I was kinda surprised.


Jim said...

Hopefully it will be another typical case of American blind justice.

Did you remember to pack your implements of destruction?

Good luck!

MR said...

Drive to Chicago - $30
Parking in Chicago - $5
Bail for Contempt Charge - $350

Fighting the Power - Priceless

dan h. said...

Drive to and from Chicago - $19.50
Parking in Chicago - $26.00
Tolls - $10.00
Fine - $0.00

Stickin' it to the man - priceless!!!