Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New email address

In light of my email breakdown last week I've been considering switching providers. I have always liked Juno, and the address Jane and I use is still the original email address from when we first got a computer. But I lost a TON of stuff due to a corrupted file - passwords, records, receipts, and personal messages - and I don't want to go through that again.

Juno does have an online version, but I really don't care for it. I only like the one I download on my computer. So yesterday I set up a gmail account. I'm thinking about switching everything over to that. Actually I set up two accounts - one for the church and one for me personally. Not sure if that was wise or not. And I'm still not sure if I even want to switch. I'm a fairly loyal guy, and I am having a hard time saying good-bye to my old friend Juno. So... we will see.

At any rate, if you would like to be the first person to email me, my personal address is danhorwedel[AT]gmail[DOT]com, and the church address is fairviewlife[AT]gmail[DOT]com. You can tell me what you'd like for Christmas (not that I'm buying anyone anything).

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