Monday, November 17, 2008

Pictures from home - houses

I took some pictures while I was back in the old hometown of Buda, Illinois. I tried to break them up a little so it's not a bunch of pics at once. These are the houses Jane and I lived in around the Buda area. Everything except the apartment in Ohio, and our current house in Indiana (well... parsonage). (click on the pics to enlarge)

This old farmhouse between Neponset and Buda was the first house Jane and I lived in after we were married. We moved into it in May 1983 and rented it for $100 a month. We were only there for a couple of months.

Next we rented this house on School Street in Buda. A nice house in a nice location. The local school was down at the end of the street to the north, and main street was one house over to the south. Route 40 was a block to the west. This house had a full basement, three bedrooms, and one and one half baths. A nice 2-car garage, and not too big of a yard. I liked this house, but we found one to buy while Jane was pregnant with Carrie, so her brother and I moved everything in one quick night... I guess in early 1985.

This was the first house we bought. It was at the corner of West and High Street, just a couple blocks south of my parents house. I had always liked this house, as it sat at the southwest corner of town. It had a huge garage (which you can't see behind the house). It had three garage doors and could hold six cars. There is an acre of land, and you can see some of the out buildings in the distance. There were only two tiny bedrooms though, and after Isaac was born we started looking for a little bigger place. My parents bought this from us and they still own it and rent it out. I think they would sell it if you're interested.

This was the last house we owned... on Providence Road in Buda. We moved in here a couple years after Isaac was born - probably around 1990, and lived here until 1996. This was a nice big house and it had a 2 car garage as well as a heated shop out back. It was only a block from where I worked. I hated to move from this house. When we decided to move to Ohio for me to attend seminary the neighbors on both sides of us wanted to buy this place. So we made a little money on it. I think we sold it for $45.000. I guess the couple that bought it got a divorce, so they ended up selling it to the other neighbors after all. They still live there.

This is another view of the Providence Rd house as you come down main street after crossing the railroad tracks. I always liked the red door. I made the mail box to the left of the door.


Carrie Jade said...

Thanks for the little walk down memory lane (well i only remember half...). I sure do miss that red door. it was so easy saying, "come over the railroad tracks, go down the hill and around the corner. It's the house with the red door."


JAH said...

I always liked that little house on Walnut Street down from the school. Although, I always liked the layout of the last one with the family room on one side of the kitchen and the dining/living room on the other. Thanks for making such a historical post!