Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures from home - random

Some random pics from around Buda - my old home town. This is the last installment (for now). As usual, click on the pic to enlarge.

This is the former Buda Methodist Church (BUM) building, where my parents used to go, and where I was baptized as an infant. I was also confirmed here in Jr. High. It is no longer in existance, and actually, Jane's nephew's wife's mother bought the building. :)
This is the former site of the Bunker Hill Church of God. This is where Jane grew up attending church, and where we all attended as a family. Jane, Carrie, and I were all baptized here. This is where we went to church until we moved to Ohio so I could attend seminary. After that they built a new building in Buda, and this one has been sold a couple of times. It looks pretty rundown now. Not sure if it's still used for anything. There is a cemetery on the other side which is where Jane's mom and dad were buried.
This is a view of the entire town of Buda (population 600) from the Macon Township Building just across the road from the former Bunker Hill Church site. It is two and one half miles south of Buda. That is route 40 running into the center of it.
This is the Boondocks Bar. It is conveniently located right next to the funeral home, which is next to where the laundromat and car wash used to be. This would be the business district on Main Street Buda. I see the Boondocks (Boonies for short) is for sale. Maybe I could buy it - live upstairs, run the bar 6 days a week and have church 1. An interesting tidbit about this building: My former boss (at the factory) bought this and fixed it up. He sold it to the people who made it a bar. When he fixed up the upstairs there was an old piano. He gave it to me to give to Jane's mom because he just wanted to get rid of it. He had to get a crane and take it out one of the upstairs windows. Me and some friends loaded it in a friends pickup truck after work one day and headed to Jane's moms house. We went around the last corner before arriving, and the piano toppled out of the back of the truck. It crashed into a million pieces in the ditch. It took me awhile to get it all picked up. I can't imagine that my boss was very happy, but he never said a word about it to me. (the picture has some shadow because it was taken through my windshield).

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MR said...

Ha! Great story. I'll bet that piano furnished its own very dramatic death-knell music when it broke apart.

"Dan, did you just hear a dramatic theme? Hey! Where's the piano?!"