Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picturs from home - work places

Some of the sights in Buda. Click on the pics to enlarge.

This is the former sewing factory my mom managed. I used to clean it when I was younger. I've told before - they made swimming suits and women's undergarments (bras and girdles and such). It was a pain sweeping the thread up, and cleaning the bathrooms. It looks pretty run down now. I don't even know who owns it or what they use it for.

This is the back side of the factory I used to work at. There used to be a train depot between here and the silver building with the two red doors. My machine used to sit just inside the red door on the right. So this was the reverse of my view - as long as a train wasn't sitting there. They often parked them there. They've since moved all the machines from that building to the one on the left though.

This is a view from the front of the factory I used to work at. That big blue round thing is actually a chimney section. They make industrial chimneys. The offices are to the left, and most of the workers cars are on the other side of that building on the right. We used to call that the basement, but now it houses the double-wall line - which is what I used to work on.

This is a front view from down the road.

Pretty exciting, isn't it?


Carrie Jade said...

The gas station's feelings are hurt that you have talked about it on your blog before but didn't take a photo...

dan h. said...

Yes, I intended to make a trip out there, but it just didn't happen. One of these days... :)

MR said...

What about Billy Joel? What about Jim Croce? Where's the naked lady?

Jim said...

"they made swimming suits and women's undergarments (bras and girdles and such)"

So...the mystery was pretty much taken out of all that for you, eh? :o)

dan h. said...

You know... I really don't remember even looking at anything. So, I guess so. :)