Friday, November 21, 2008

Romo helps a homeless man

A story here about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo taking a homeless man to the movies. Perhaps the best part is not that he bought him a ticket, but that he asked the man to sit with him (even though he smelled).

I have been amazed at the number of people I've heard/read who think this is no big deal, or that are actually criticizing Romo for this... You know, because he makes 68 million dollars a year (or something) and this is ALL he did. Well, so how many homeless people have you or I invited to attend a movie with us? I know I haven't. And most of us could probably afford a movie ticket. Most of us could probably even afford to be a little nicer to others.

That was one of the things I always admired about my son and his friends when they ate pizza with the homeless in Indianapolis. It wasn't so much that they bought them pizza... it was that they wanted to spend time with them and try to let them know that they had value... that someone gave a damn about them. That's what I like about this Romo story.

I don't know if Romo is a Christian or not, but wouldn't it be great if the church could be known more for doing things like this, rather than being known for all the things we are opposed to?


Carrie Jade said...

Just another reason why God is a Cowboys fan :)

What a neat story. Thanks for sharing!

MR said...

yeah, but... what's the beard look like?

dan h. said...

Oh yeah... I forgot about that.