Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trip to indy

Yesterday we went to Indianapolis to watch the Indiana Marching Band state championships. We stopped in Anderson and picked up son Isaac. He did marching band all four years of high school; winning state twice; and was drum major his senior year (one of the championship years).

It was also our first time to visit (or see) the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Colts play). It is in the left picture (on my crappy phone camera). Wow. It's a pretty awesome building. Seems much bigger than the old RCA Dome. The roof was closed, but apparently it will open up over the football field. This is from the next street over. We paid $10 to park in a church parking lot about 2 blocks away. Not too bad. It was at the corner of Church St. and McCarty St. on the south west side.

It's pretty darn nice inside too. Though it's a bit harder to find your way around. But the seats are all nice - no more bleachers up at the top. And it seems laid out nicer. All the seats seem to have a pretty good view, and are closer to the field. And there are plenty of tv's in the hallways, and places to sit, and places to get food. But there also seem to be more stairs. Very nice though.

This is another pic taken on my crappy phone from inside. They have two nice screens - one of which is the bright object in the center of this picture. They were really clear, and much easier to see than the ones in the old dome. This is the Norwell Marching Knights - where Isaac went to school. They got second place in their division this year.

Afterwards we stopped at the Castleton Mall and ate supper at an Asian place, and picked up Isaac's friend and took them both back to Anderson.

It was a nice day - even though it cost $150 just to go to the stadium, park, and eat! Wowza. It's only money though...

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