Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bah humbucker

So, I heard today was Keith Richards' 65th birthday. A guy on the radio said something like 'you know the world's not fair when Keith Richards outlives Karen Carpenter.' Ha. That's for sure.

My cold is not too awful bad today, but I'm wearing down now. It helped that I kept busy all day.

A lady from the local newspaper left a message earlier this week that they want to do a "pastors profile" interview with me. I haven't called back. I doubt that I will.

This Sunday I was only planning to do a short "mini-sermon"... since we'll also be doing the Christmas musical. I think I've written 4 complete sermon's so far, and I don't like any of them. Shorter is much harder than longer. I'm just going to have to pick one that I don't like and live with it. It's not like anybody cares anyway. And we'll probably get a foot of snow Sunday morning, so what's the difference.

I hosted the weekly pastors group this morning. 1 out of 3 showed up. At least we fit easily into my office. When we're all four there we need to use a different room.

I got an email last night from another couple that has decided to leave our church. I think the only reason they told me is because I'd written them a note earlier in the week. You know, I can totally understand their reasoning... But what I don't get is how people think it should be 'no big deal' when they leave a church. This was a couple I counseled; I did their wedding; I dedicated their child. I thought we were friends. Am I just not supposed to care? I think the problem for most people is there is just no sense of community to church. And I think that's wrong. It should be no different than a family member moving out. Sure, sometimes there are legitimate reasons, but that doesn't mean it's no big deal. I don't understand how people think it shouldn't matter, or they don't feel the need to even tell me about it. It's not just my job... it's my damn life!

I do not like living in the country. Especially in the winter time. I hate winter. I hate snow and ice. Just in case you wondered.

I feel like Jim Zorn. He made some comment the other day about being the worst football coach in the world. I feel like the worst pastor in the world.

We ended our latest Wednesday Night B.S. series this week. We did a 6-week series from a PBS special called "Walking The Bible." I thought it was pretty good. But it ended just about like every other study or small group we try to do. There were four people besides Jane and me. And two of them live across the street, so I'm sure they feel obligated. I am so tired of trying to build a core group; trying to give people things to help them grow; trying to create community. And, yes, I know... "I'm" not supposed to create it. Whatever.

We're supposed to get sleet and freezing rain tonight. I hope Jane makes it home from class before it starts. It's her last Algebra class. She does not like Algebra. She is a wonderful wife though.

Isaac got home for Christmas break last night and he has a cold too.

Today he took me to the mechanic shop to get our car. We have the nicest mechanics in the world. I suppose they'll be the next ones to leave the church.

The funny thing is... I understand why humbuckers don't hum, but I don't know how Keith Richards can live longer than Karen Carpenter.

It's a good thing "only gypsies are made in a day." That's one of my favorite quotes (from Jason Ringenberg).

I don't need cheering up. It's just one of those days. You can log your journey how you want. Please don't try to tell me how to do mine.

Peace out; and in.


arjuna-lj said...

Apropos of nothing at all - just passing & thought I'd say Happy Christmas PD & may 2009 be good to you; rock on :)

kel in Oz (from rcsoup)

dan h. said...

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you too, Kel.

MR said...

I'll go one better, PD. Not ONLY do I wish you a good May 2009, but I'll throw in June as well.

MR said...

Incidentally, it's probably a good thing you turned down that interview. I can see the newspaper headline: "DH: I'm the Worst Pastor in the World"

THAT entry would be hard to delete when you were feeling better.

You don't like living in the country?!

dan h. said...

Yeah, and obviously this reporter doesn't know much about pastors anyway. The week before Christmas is probably only THE busiest time of year for a pastor.

And good point about not being able to delete a newspaper article. Now I am definitely NOT doing it. Thanks!