Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas supper

I wasn't going to blog about this, but we had some disagreement last night over the details of these suppers in years past.... so now we will know about 2008 for sure.

There is a nice couple in our church who give us money every Christmas, and we use it to take someone out to supper to a place we wouldn't normally go to. This year we took Carrie & Drew, and Laura & Isaac. We went to Granite City in FW. It was a beautiful night when we arrived, and I didn't mind the half hour wait standing outside with no coat on. But then the wind kinda picked up, so we moved inside the entryway (between the doors). Then, all of a sudden, it started raining cats and dogs and all kinds of other animals (minus the animals). It was a good thing we were inside. We finally got a seat and had a nice supper. I had the pork chops, with garlic mashed potatoes, slaw, and a diet pepsi. They have some mighty fine pork chops there.

After stuffing ourselves, we came home with Drew Carrie in tow, and Isaac and Laura went to a movie. Drew Carrie left for somewhere as soon as we got home. I spent the rest of the night trying to get the camera memory card to work in the computer again. One of the little tines got bent over, but I think I straightened it out.

Before we left to eat we opened the remainder of the presents since all six of us were here. Isaac & Laura got me Warren Zevon's "The Wind" cd. It has a killer version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" on it. And it was funny, 'cause Isaac and Laura got Jane a scarf from Ten Thousand Villages, and that's what we got Laura. Then they got Drew a pair of slippers, and that's what Drew Carrie got Laura. We gave Carrie another shirt, and Isaac a nerf basketball hoop, and Drew a shirt. Carrie got Jane this really nifty hand-made silver bracelet with the life of Christ on it. It was made by a guy who lives on a reservation in New Mexico where we have a church. Then we all watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special on dvd before heading out to eat.

I think a good night was had by all. It was, and still is, windy as all get-out.

This should just about end our Christmas festivities for the year.

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