Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's a tip

I don't really have any advice, but yesterday I was sitting in my office frantically working on a sermon for this Sunday, and I noticed a van pull in front of the church doors. No one got out, and I finally saw that it was the local undertaker. Every Christmas he comes around and gives me a gift of some sort, you know, hoping I'll kill off some of my congregants and give him some business, I guess. So... I figured he was wondering if anyone was inside, so I got up and went out to greet him. He jumped out of the van with my gift, and kind of looked at me funny. He's a really nice guy, and we usually have good chats, but this was a quick one. I took the gift, thanked him, and he went his way and I went back inside. It was then that it occurred to me that I still had a Q-tip sticking out of my right ear. Doh!

I use a lot of Q-tips... something is wrong with my one ear and I don't know what it is. It's like it leaks, and it's always sore, and... well, I doubt that there are any doctors reading so I'll spare you. Heck, even my doctor doesn't know what's wrong with it. I think it has bothered me since I was about 5 when the older neighbor kid hit me with a snowball right in that ear. So it's bothered me for a good many years. And, I know you're not supposed to stick Q-tips in your ears like that and leave them... it's dangerous. But I like living on the edge, you know. So you will quite often find me with a little white stick hanging out of my head. Usually I remove it before I go outside or when people come around though.

Anyway... on to more exciting things...

I actually got quite a bit of work done yesterday. We had full power and water at home. However, when I got to the church the water was froze there. That was weird because it was much warmer yesterday than the day before and it was fine the day before. I suppose the bulb burned out in the well pit. I didn't feel like checking that, so I just turned the furnace on, and pretty soon we had water again.

I think I'm almost set for the Christmas Eve service tonight. I still need to find someone to hand out bulletins, hand out candles, read the Christmas Story, lead the songs, figure out how to serve communion, and get the communion stuff ready. But other than that I think I'm set.

Isaac was looking for a turntable for some reason, and I had an old stereo on top of one of my shelves in my office that has a turntable on it. While getting that down for him I found my diplomas from the U. of Findlay, Winebrenner Seminary, and my ordination certificate. Apparently they must have sat on top of that bookshelf at some point, and had fallen down behind it.

Yesterday was another weird weather day. It started to warm up a little, but then started to rain in the afternoon. It was just below freezing still, and when I walked home I could hardly walk on the road - it was a sheet of ice. It rained most of the night, and now it is just above freezing, so hopefully the ice will melt as the day goes on.

I was supposed to pick up Carrie's car at the mechanic yesterday afternoon, but I told them I would wait until morning. One less stupid driver on the road is good for everybody. Of course we were just having the oil and transmission fluid changed in Carrie's car, and they called early on and said some stuff I didn't understand, but basically resulted in also needing a new radiator. That was no merry Christmas. At least it was at our regular mechanics shop, and not some oil monkey quick lube. So as soon as I can get a ride I will drive her car home with a shiny new radiator. I'm excited.

Today is supposed to bring maybe an inch of rain, so of course now flooding will be an issue in Fort Wayne. Then it's supposed to cool down again and turn to snow. I imagine it will be a mess for the Christmas Eve service. I hate having to try to decide whether to cancel or not. It would help if we weren't out in the freaking middle of nowhere.

Anyway, happy Christmas Eve to ya. I should probably get dressed, brush my teeth, and take the Q-tip outta my ear. Golda my ear. Remember her (or was it a him)?

Peace out; and in.


Tom said...

Too funny. John didn't tell me about that so he must have visited me first or was being kind. Come to think of it, he didn't talk with me very long either. I should have checked the mirror.

Let me know if you cancel. Maybe it will make my decision easier.

Carrie Jade said...

haha :)

a new radiator. i always wanted one of those! that's the thing that plays music, right? :)

See ya soon!