Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just thinking...

Some random thoughts on a cold, dreary Tuesday afternoon...
  • Bogie didn't bark when we went to bed last night, nor when Jane and I left the house this morning. I always hate it when he does, but... it's just not right when he doesn't. I suppose it's no fun having to sit in the snow to go to the bathroom either. He doesn't have use of his back legs at all anymore. Could be a long winter.
  • I finished "Invitation To A Journey" this morning. I have 2 more posts to run, but I'll spread them out. I think I'm going to start Walter Wink's "Jesus And Nonviolence." I also just got Dallas Willard's "The Divine Conspiracy." Looking forward to both (though I like Walter's better because it is 100 pages, instead of 400 like the other).
  • We had a nice weekend with both kids here for most of it (Isaac had to help with music at his church Sunday). We also had a nice time with old friends from back home (Keith & Shelley) who were here overnight Saturday.
  • I need to start on the annual reports for church sometime this week, and all the other end-of-the-year stuff. I think I'm going to boycott all my denominational stuff this year. What are they gonna do - ignore me?
  • I went to a nursing home for a visit this afternoon, and sat on the edge of someone's bed. For some reason I can still smell urine. I should probably go change before I completely gross myself out...


Jim said...

Les has worked in long term care (first as a CNA, then as a LPN) for 17 years now. When she finishes her RN degree a year from now she will probably leave for some other type of practice. But in the mean time I've always said her work IS mission because she is really lovely at it, smiling and laughing and bubbling and loving all her patients day in and day out, no matter what their infirmities. She is the hands and face and loving voice of God to them, I think.

Her younger brother Matt tells a story of going to visit her at work years ago and getting all freaked out by the people drooling and the smell of urine and all the normal nursing home stuff and here came Les happily singing down the hall. For some reason the things that get to you, and him (and ME!) about nursing homes just don't bother her at all. Nurses are WAY matter of fact about bodily functions. Matt said he frankly couldn't handle it, and was amazed at how good she was at not just "dealing with it", but really not even noticing, just happily caring for people. This man is a captain in the MO National Guard and a veteran of the first Gulf war plus Afghanistan!

Sadly, what will drive her out is all the bureaucracy, cost cutting and profit scraping and BS that pervades that whole industry. Too bad. She's good at what she does, and not many people are willing to do it, nor do it well.

Anyway, long story to say, "I understand".

dan h. said...

People like your wife are a true Godsend. It is a special thing they have, and I am really glad for those like her.