Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"No tv for you!"

I guess the TV Nazi (ala Sienfeld's 'Soup Nazi') doesn't think we should get one of those government coupons for a digital/analog converter box. You know, for peons like me with an oooold tv set, so we can still watch the crud after February when everything changes. I finally got around to visiting this morning, because we need two converters - one for the 27" in the living room, and one for the 20" in front of the treadmill. But I was denied a coupon! I typed in my name and address, and it says we have a business address - which, I guess, is true, because the church and parsonage share an address together (because they are in the same yard).

Ugh... I filed an appeal, so we will see what happens. And we only need the converter for our local channels - we have a Dish satellite. But I tell ya though, if it weren't for college basketball, and Sienfeld reruns, and running on the treadmill... I should probably just chuck the dang thing in the garbage.

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