Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wrapping presence

Last night a small group of people from our church helped out at a local women's shelter by wrapping some Christmas presents for the residents there. It was mostly people from Jane's Sunday School class, and some were unable to make it because of the icestorm and power outages (someone said something like 100,000 people in Fort Wayne were still without power). At any rate, here is a pic of us. Jane is in the brown sweater, and that's Carrie Jade to her right. Shelly is the one in the cool hat on the other side of Carrie. Apparently one woman did all of the wrapping last year and it took her 2 weeks. Several of these people arrived at 4 pm, and some more of us at 6, and we left a little before 8 pm.

Afterward all of us except Carrie (who had someone's birthday party to attend) went to a mexican restaurant on Calhoun. We were scurrying across the street because a city bus was coming, and I slipped, and then Jane slipped and fell flat on her back. Ouch. The bus did not run us over, so it was kinda funny, but my back hurts this morning. Payback for laughing at Jane, I suppose.

It was so weird driving through Fort Wayne in the dark. There would be huge neighborhoods without power, then a little area would have lights. It was kinda freaky driving around with no stoplights and in the darkness. I would guess the weekend before Christmas is not a real good time for businesses to be without power. They say some won't have it back until tomorrow night. It's going to make driving in the Fort a real trip this weekend.

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Tom said...

Good point, Dan. Presence often is the most important part.