Friday, January 16, 2009

20 flipping degrees below zero

It is a wee bit chilly. They were predicting -10 F last night, but then came on and said it was actually going to go to -20 during the night. I don't know yet if it did, but it's -17 right now at 8:55 am. And that's not including the windchill! Dangggggg. (I see it is -27 right now in Buda).

Fortunately our water has not frozen (yet - knock on ice). I guess the little enclosure I built around the water tank in the garage must have helped. And I have also started plugging the dryer vent with a towel when it gets cold like this. I think that's what froze the hot water pipes before. So now we have to remember to remove the towel when we do laundry. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't outside. Oh well. It's better than not having running water. I let the water run a little stream last night just in case (even though this didn't work before).

Jane sent me a message last night that the "low tire" light was on in the Hyundai when she went from work to school last night. I'm hoping a piece of ice just messed with the sensor or something. I told her that unless it's flat, just drive it home. No way was I going to go change a flat tire in the Indiana Tech parking lot at 9 o'clock at night in -15 temperatures. The tires all 'look' ok, but I haven't checked them yet. I'm kinda afraid to put a tire gauge on them, for fear they'll freeze open and go completely flat. I may just wait until it gets above zero. They say we might not make it above zero today. Which would be a first in however many years for northern Indiana. Saturday it's supposed to get to the 20's though.

Well, Jane is making us bacon and eggs, and it's time to eat. She works 11-7 today. So I will take her to work, and then we'll go on our date when I pick her up a little after 7.

There will be no peeing in the back yard today by anyone other than Bogie-boy (and he is being very, very brief). Because... Baby... it's cold outside!


Carrie Jade said...

I'm afraid to ask but who else pee's in the back yard???

dan h. said...

Uh..... I think I was just using that as a metaphor... For something. Usually. Rarely. Hardly ever. What?

MR said...

My dog is always like "HEY! Now I have to re-mark that spot. Thanks a lot!"

MR said...

Oh, and she usually adds " drunk bum!"

Also, if you're going out in this temperature tonight, I recommend you take your date to a tanning booth.

dan h. said...

Bogie isn't so particular seeing as how I have to carry him to his spot now.