Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pastors, preachers, and stuff

I ran across several things this morning about pastoring, preaching, and the like.
  • An article about Ted Haggard 'The Lost Shepherd' on what he's up to now, and how things went after leaving his church. I have to say, I felt sorry for Ted when all of that transpired. Not that he didn't make mistakes and need to accept the consequences, but... sometimes people want you to tell the truth... until you tell it. Pastors are never on equal ground. I would welcome Ted to be a part of our church. Though I don't think he would probably want to. "There but for the grace of God, go I."
  • An article HERE on what's happening in Barack Obama's former church in Chicago. I can't imagine what that fiasco must have been like. Glad to see things are looking up. Kudo's to their pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III.
  • Michael Spencer has Three Obstacles To Good Preaching. I didn't read it all the way through, but I can always use the help so I hope to revisit and learn something someday.
  • In my opinion Jim Martin is one of the best. He has a four-part series '41 Things Ministers Ought to Know': Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.


MR said...

That guy bought crystal meth and regularly had sex with a male prostitute. I hope it's more than the grace of God keeping you from that life.

This is why I'm not a Pastor, I need to be able to make snap judgments.

dan h. said...

I'm not saying we struggle with the same sins, or that Ted should still be pastoring. But I don't know of anyone who has ever fallen into any sin or addiction or become involved in an affair or anything that they shouldn't have... who did it purposely. Things happen. And I think one of the greatest needs, that the church also seems to suck at, is helping to restore people when these things do happen.

Patricia said...

I think the comments are moving in an interesting direction. No matter whether we're pastors or parents or spouses or workers, we all bear some responsibility for correcting others and helping one another with conversion/restoration. It's tricky work, and something I'm trying to get better at. The alternative--I guess--is tossing people away, which is surprisingly easy. Or letting people rot and stink up the place, like the ex-pastor you refer to or the not quite ex governor of my fine state (IL).

dan h. said...

I agree, Pattie. I think this is the essence of Christianity (Jesus' ministry, and ours) itself: the restoration of all things.

(but did you have to bring up Blogo?) ;)