Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine thoughts

Spending the day with my valentine. She went all out this year and got me some candy, and an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the new Tony Dungy book 'Uncommon.' I wondered why she was so worried when I said last week that I bought the book for the church. :) I was quite surprised.

I got her a card and flowers. We're thinking of seeing a movie today. Maybe 'The Wrestler.'

A couple of interesting tidbits on Christianity Today's 'Christian History' site:
According to tradition, Valentine, a priest in Rome during the reign of Claudius II, is beheaded along the Flaminian Way on Feb. 14, 270. One explanation for Valentine's subsequent relationship to the romantic holiday is this: Claudius, seeking to more easily recruit solders, removed family ties by forbidding marriage. Valentine ignored the order and performed secret marriages -- an act that led to his arrest and execution.

There is also has a good article about Frederick Douglass (whom they call the 'Barack Obama of the early 19th century'), and this great quote by him:
I love the pure, peaceable, and impartial Christianity of Christ: I therefore hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.

Ha! He should have had a blog.

Peace out; and in.


Isaac Horwedel said...

I wouldn't go see the Wrestler tonight unless you're willing to have a real downer of a Valentine's Day. It's an amazing movie, but it's pretty depressing.

dan horwedel said...

I didn't see this until we got back. Actually, The Wrestler is no longer playing anywhere in FW. I guess we'll have to wait for the dvd. But it sounds like maybe that's a good thing.

We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the $3 theater. It was actually way better than I thought it was going to be. Have you seen it?

Isaac Horwedel said...

No I never did get a chance to see it. I really would like to sometime though.

MR said...

I did.