Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big ten tourney

Well I got me 2 tickets to the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament for this Friday - session 3 (which means we can see the Illini play at 6:30 and the next game at 9 pm). I was ordering a cd at Wooden Nickel, and decided to just get the tickets through their ticketmaster thingy. Geez, it was $149.80 for the two, and that was in the nosebleed section. I guess that can be my contribution to stimulating the economy. I was at least able to get them on the end of a row. I would hope we can maybe move down to some empty seats in a lower section, though a Friday night game will be more crowded than earlier in the day. That was why I was kinda hoping the Illini would get a lower seed. But I'm happy they got the #2. I can't wait.

I've only been to Conseco Fieldhouse a couple times before. Jane and I went to a marriage thing; and I think I attended a Promise Keepers thing there. We've been to the RCA Dome/Lucas Oil field many times. This should be fun.

Jane took a half day of vacation so she can go with me. We'll probably go down early, maybe try to locate the Illini designated restaurant called "The Ram." I don't know where it's at, but it can't be too hard to find. I will also have to dig out my Illini t-shirt, and my orange Illini cap (not to be confused with my orange University of Findlay cap).

I am kinda excited. It's been awhile since I've been to a college basketball game. And I've never been to a Big Ten tournament game. We used to take in Bradley basketball games in Peoria now and then (when we lived in Illinois); and several years ago I went with a friend down to a Ball State game; and when I was in high school we went to several Western Illinois Univesity games (my sister was a cheerleader for them); and we used to go to Huntington University games when daughter Carrie was a cheerleader for them. I enjoyed them, but this is THE BIG TEN! And I have never seen the Illini play in person. Yippee.

I'm sure something is about to go terribly wrong.


Bruce said...

Enjoy the Game.

Go Bucks!!


dan horwedel said...

Hey, that'll be enough of that kinda talk!


Jim said...

Basketball...that's the big round used-to-be-orange ball, right?

"I'm sure something is about to go terribly wrong."

Ah, the eternal optimism we've come to expect from the Right Reverend Horwedel. I just sent up a prayer to make sure you're wrong. :o)

Patricia said...

Good for you!
(just making sure you know your cheers)

dan horwedel said...

Thanks Patti. Maybe I can get Jane to dig out one of her old Jr. High cheerleading outfits too. :)