Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fixing the truck and the trees

I got the old truck back this morning. I had my neighbor, Ken, fix it. The piece that hooks onto the frame that holds the top of the shock and spring had rusted out (on the right side). He found a replacement at the junk yard. Now that you can actually drive it down the road again I need to look into some new used tires. The tires I have on it are in bad shape; cracked all the way around on 2 of them.

I also straightened out the two new trees by the playground. The day we planted them it was cold as all get-out, and we set them in the ground slightly askew. Greg came and helped this morning, and we had to dig out around the one and pull it straight with ratchet straps, then tie it down. The other one wasn't quite as crooked, so we just pulled it straight with the straps and tied it down. It was kind of muddy, as it rained all day yesterday, and kind of sprinkled on us off and on this morning. But that made it easier to adjust the trees. It only took about an hour. I'm glad that's done.

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