Friday, April 03, 2009

Out and about

Some random tidbits getting me out of the house...
  • Last night I drove up to Auburn (45 min.) by myself and scouted a guy I will probably book for the pavilion in July. Jane had class, and this guy had called me earlier in the year about the possibility of playing at our place. I always think it's a little odd when people call *me* to ask about playing. I mean, it's one thing to get calls from all the Southern Gospel groups, because, well, because. But this guy is from Nashville, TN and supposedly travels all over the country. So, I heard he was playing in the area, I had nothing else to do and thought some social interaction would do me good, so I went. And it was weird, because he was playing at a Best Western (which I thought was odd), but this Best Western has to be THE COOLEST hotel like this I have ever been in. It has like a screened in porch all across the front, and it's decorated like an old-time Inn. Anyway, there were only about 30 people there, but he did a nice show. He seemed fairly "normal" - or at least he seemed kinda like me (maybe that's not so normal). He was about my age, did a comedy routine, played guitar and sang, and sorta preached a little, but it wasn't "preachy." I enjoyed it. He did an hour show, and asked for donations in a coffee can. And he sang a bunch of Christmas Carols, only he changed the words to them. I like a guy who can unapologetically sing Christmas Carols in April. I didn't stick around afterward, but I will contact him later and try to book him for sometime in July. I think he'll be great for the pavilion.
  • Tonight m'lady and I will class it up and go down to the Embassy Theater as the Fort Wayne Philharmonic does the music of Queen (an article here). This oughta be good. We were there in 2005 when they did this with Led Zeppelin music and that was pretty awesome. I mean, it won't quite be like going to a full-fledged rock concert... and I could really stand to do one of those again soon, because it's just hard to beat that pre-concert anticipation/expectation feel. But I'm looking forward to this.
  • I am also considering going downtown to the train station today to the Rally for Rail event to try to get passenger train service back in the Fort. I think that would be a grand idea. They're also supposed to have bands playing and such. We'll see how I feel later.
  • And... just for the record, I think it was a GREAT idea to put the baseball stadium downtown. I am actually looking forward to attending some Pothead's games. I wouldn't even think about it if it were still out by the Coliseum, because I'm not that into baseball. But I like going downtown, and I will probably try to make a few games just because of that.
  • Speaking of which, yesterday I came across the Parkitfortwayne website. It has lots of handy information about parking downtown. Those Downtown Improvement District people are doing a nice job, I think.
Well, we actually have bacon in the house, so I think I'm going to have some bacon and eggs for Friday breakfast.

Peace out; and in.

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