Monday, April 06, 2009

Snow in april, and other random stuff

So it rained all day yesterday and we have water standing in the yard. Then at some point during the night it turned to snow. The ground was covered this morning, but it's pretty much melted away already. Unlike some poor souls who still have gobs of it on the ground.

This is Easter week. That means it will be a busy one. We also have a church council meeting tomorrow night, in addition to a Maundy Thursday service, a community Good Friday service, an Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, and Easter breakfast on Sunday (but it's not until 9, and then we just have a regular worship service from 10-11). To top it off, not only will Carrie be here from Thursday night on, and Isaac sometime this weekend, I think my parents may be coming for the weekend too. Not that I'm complaining... it will just be busy. Probably do Jane and I good to get out of our routine.

Someone was supposed to come look at the old truck this morning to assess whether it had a terminal illness or not. The thing that holds the top of the front right shock and spring is all rusted out. I don't know if it's something that can be replaced, or if it's actually a part of the frame. If it's too serious I may just have to try to give it away for parts. It still runs good, but it needs lotsa work. I'm hoping it can be fixed so it will at least still make an occasional trip to town or can be used as an over-sized wheelbarrow.

I can't decide whether to stay up and watch the NCAA championship game tonight between Michigan State and North Carolina or not. It doesn't start until 9:21 pm. That's the thing I don't like about the dang Easter time zone. I wish we would have switched to Central like Mitch wanted us to. Anyway, I am rooting for the Big Ten, so go MSU! I am ecstatic that the supposed mighty Big East has ZERO teams in the finals. Hahahahaha. I have a Midwest bias, I know.

Yep... it's Monday.

Peace out; and in.

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