Saturday, April 18, 2009

Started the mower

While trying to pass the time with the brother-in-law I started up the Simplicity lawn tractor yesterday. I got new gas, filled it up, and the mower started right off. There was a little black smoke, but nothing serious. Fortunately we opened the hood, because we saw gas just running out. Two pieces of gas line were leaking badly. One was a formed piece going into the carburator, and one was a straight piece coming off the filter. We drove to the Simplicity place in Murray, and he just sold me a piece of straight hose - said he didn't have any formed pieces. It seemed to work okay, but it kinks a little. We'll see.

I didn't start the push mower. I imagine the B & S engine will take off on the first pull, just like every other year.

I should probably have mowed, but there are still some wet spots in the yard. And I just don't know that I'm ready to start that quite yet.

We are getting ready to drive down to Anderson now and get some pancakes at The Flop.

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