Saturday, May 23, 2009

Changed guitar strings

I finally remembered to change the strings on my Alvarez/Yairi today. Holy cow, they hadn't been changed since 11/17/07. I'm not very good about keeping them changed. I thought it was about time though, because the last couple Sundays I've noticed them sounding funny. And sure enough, I kid you not, just as I was changing them, when I went to loosen the little E, it snapped at that very moment. How's that for cutting it close?!

I put on a set of Elixir Custom Lights (.011-.052 with Nanoweb coating) that I've had laying around for eons. They are not the sealed kind though. And I've never particularly liked Elixir strings for some reason. Of course, I can't say that there is a brand that I am particularly in love with. I'm not real fond of that "new string" sound. But anyway, at least I managed to not break one while playing. Whew. I see these are a hair lighter than the one's I took off though, so I might need to change them before a year and a half goes by.

18 minutes. Dang, I'm getting slow.

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