Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crowfield at calhoun st.

Last night we went to Calhoun St. Soups, Salads, and Spirits and took in the band Crowfield. They were mighty fine (although I hear their drummer was a real jerk afterward). And I was glad to see the back room of this place had been enlarged a little since the last time we were here, because it was packed last night. I even got a free bottle opener.

I was also privileged to see IPFW men's basketball coach Dane Fife in attendance. I won't hold it against him that he used to play for IU.

Some things I thought about while watching during the evening...
  • I would love to have a place with a back room like this place.
  • Before the band came on they were playing some Lenny Cravitz, and that made me want to get a Gibson again. Maybe a flying v. Though I know I won't. But I want to.
  • The singer for Crowfield played an acoustic, and I don't know how he kept it in tune all night. But it made me want to get a smaller acoustic again too. Maybe a Martin. Though I don't know if a Martin could stand the way I handle guitars. But I wish I had a smaller one than what I have.
  • I like watching a band that is having a good time while they're playing. Seeing people smiling makes it so much more enjoyable than seeing people who seem to wish the crowd wasn't there. Like, why did they invite us. But this band did a good job of making the crowd feel loved. I enjoyed watching them, and they're good.
  • I am most definitely getting old. I remembered right away that I forgot my earplugs. Usually I can make it through anyway, but last night I actually had to go in the other room at one point. My ears just plain hurt. This depresses me. At least Drew Carrie weren't effected, as they were standing right in front about 2 feet from the singers face.
  • It was cool to see the crowd right up in front. It reminded me of one of the first times Isaac played before an audience - I think when he was a freshman in high school - and he had to ask people to back up a little. Ah... the memories.
  • I stood next to a guy for awhile that I remembered had been at our Jason Ringenberg show. I was going to talk to him, but decided against it.
  • I wondered how long it took the singer to get his beard that long. Mine just will not grow. And I thought it would.
  • It was a good time.
Well, we're supposed to have a work day at the church today. It looks like some serious rain though. Then movie night tonight.

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