Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I need a vacation

Actually, if I can make it through this week I will get one. But things are not exactly going as planned so far. I wasn't expecting the newspaper interview this week, the credit card fiasco, getting the oil changed in 2 cars (which means I have to take Jane to work and pick her up), and today the copy machine broke down. Hopefully they'll come to fix it tomorrow.

Also, this week I am trying to plan for 4 worship services. Which always confuses me. I've got this coming Sunday to plan for (and there's a breakfast beforehand, and we have some missionaries coming to speak); then the next Sunday I will be gone, so I'm planning the service and making the bulletins for it; then the following Sunday I will be gone too, so I'm planning the service and making the bulletins for that; and then I will be gone the next week, but will actually be here for that Sunday, so I'm trying to plan the service, do the bulletins, and I also need a sermon for that Sunday - plus it's Father's Day!

And, I know that I could find someone fully capable of doing some of this stuff. But it just seems easier to do it myself. I'm not good with a lot of things on the table at one time.

I think I have things taken care of with the credit card. We won't get our internet shut off anyway. And I actually got the bulletins done for 5/31, 6/7 and 6/14. So I'm good there. Though the ones for the 14th don't look very good. They will have to do. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they came to put our new sign in sometime this week. And we still need to stain and put up the trim on the new pavilion wall. Plus, you know, all the usual stuff that I do each week. I need to make a couple visits, and some calls, and some other stuff. And I'm going to have to hope I can time the mowing just right to fit around me being gone. I was really hoping to get a sermon prepared for the 21st so I don't have to think about it while I'm on vacation. Whatever.

I still don't have any plans for the one week of vacation. I needed to be gone on that weekend, and I will still have another week to take before August, so I just decided to take the whole week off. I can get the patio prepped to pour, and dink around, I suppose. I was going to try to go somewhere alone for a couple days, but... you know how that goes. One week Jane and I are taking off on a road trip. I'm not big on driving, but we're heading to Minnesota for my nephew's graduation, then heading west to South Dakota to Deadwood and maybe spear some fish, then heading to her brother's in Colorado. And I was a complete idiot, because I didn't realize that the day after we get back I have to go to lovely Decatur, Illinois for 3 days for our regional conference. Man, I'm worn out just thinking about it. And I'm not at all sure what day it is anymore. I have too many dates and calendar updates floating around on pieces of paper. Oh, and the electricity went out for a little while too. That helped.

Ugh. Peace out; and in.


Jim said...

It's called "Google Calendar", and it's awesome. And since you already have a Gmail/Blogger account, you have everything you need. Why is it awesome?

1) You can have multiple calendars for different purposes - personal, church, Jane's school, etc.

2) You can get notifications via email of what's coming up tomorrow, today, and in 15 minutes.

3) You can share calendars (like, with Jane) and either of you can then put things on it and the other will get an email about the new thing on the calendar. You can also share individual events in a private calendar, invite other people via email, etc.

4) You can do all the usual recurring appointment stuff and it will just keep track of all that for you.

5) You can fill in the "Where" part, and if you give it an exact address, then you get a link to Google Maps for it.

6) It has multiple views - monthly, weekly, daily.

7) It's got a nice interface that almost makes you forget it's a Web app. You can click and drag appointments around to change times or dates, for example.

Get it, learn it, use it, love it. You'll feel more in control. Really. Email me if you have questions.


dan horwedel said...

Yeah, but will it drive my car? ;)

Jim said...

I'm sure the folks at Google Maps are working on that. :o)