Friday, May 29, 2009

Truth but not necessarily fact

My son says of his blog that it is "truth but not necessarily fact." I like that. And, while I am not sure he means it in the same way that I do, I think that has always been a major point in my blog writing too. I write things that I truly do think and feel, but just because I think or feel them doesn't mean it's factual. For instance, if I say that I feel like I'm all alone and that I don't fit in with anyone - that truly is how I feel. However, the fact is, I know that's not really the case. I do have friends, and some very good ones. But it doesn't always change how I feel.

And while I was thinking about this, it occurred to me that much of my preaching might actually be the opposite. Often I will preach from facts that I know to be true about God and Jesus, even though I wrestle with the truth of them in my life. Like, I know God loves and accepts me; but sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that and I don't feel loved and accepted. I think that's a lot of what faith is: it's learning to trust the facts that we know to be true even when we might be tempted to let our doubts win out.

Anyway, I thought that was a very perceptive little statement the boy made. In my case, my blog has always been a place to just lay down my feelings - not necessarily the facts. For those who only know me through this blog, it might seem like I am a somewhat dark, negative, malcontent type of soul. Well, and I am. A little. But it's not all of me.

Other than that... well... you know... I dunno.

Peace out; and in.


Carrie Jade said...

I always thought it would be interesting to have a coffee get together and with a title like this. Just a group of people getting together to say how they truely feel about God. I think God would enjoy our honesty - but I also think there could be some great danger in the whole thing. It would have to be ended with some factual prayer. I just think it'd be interesting to hear how people really feel. It would at least affirm that I'm not alone, if nothing else. It would also give people the opportunity to talk out why they feel certain ways....anyway. I like this little phrase.

MR said...

that's a lotta typin' for another "dunno" message. Dunno's Dangerous Mind may take a notion to deletin' it.

Bruce Gerencser said...

I appreciate your blog because you are honest.

Yes, you have dark days, ugly days, not very Christian days.......

thanks for being real.

Not sure if this HELPS your ministry BUT it helps those out here in the blogosphere.(even an agnostic former preacher like me)


dan horwedel said...

I agree with your idea. I'm not sure how many would participate though. For some people it's just too hard to admit they have doubts (or feelings, even). But wouldn't it be nice if that's what the church was like. And I also agree that it should end with some factual prayer.

Glad you like the blog. My favorite description of Christianity is as "one beggar showing another beggar where they found bread." I don't know that I know anything, but I think we're all beggars, and usually I'm just sharing my heart. Thanks for sharing yours. Peace to ya.

MR said...

haha... I'm getting that "everybody but Scott Evil can stay" vibe.