Monday, June 29, 2009

It was a nice day

I actually had a good day yesterday. In fact, for as bad as last Sunday was (and it was one of the worst in awhile), yesterday was that good.

Last week was just a disaster. It was my first week back after 2 weeks of vacation; and I was completely off... it was a bad day in so many ways.

But yesterday was good. I changed up the order of service, and we took communion, and... you know, the Sunday service is not about me, but it just *felt* really good. Sometimes there's no way to describe it other than that. We shared Blessings/God-sightings, and they went on and on (and it was good stuff). I was really happy to be a part of my church yesterday.

Then in the afternoon Jane's class hosted 30+ women and children from the women's shelter for a picnic at the pavilion. These ladies are so nice. And I actually cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs. I think I made 45 hamburgers and 24 or 36 hot dogs. And it was an honor to do so. They seemed so happy to just come and play games and hang out in the country air. And the people from Jane's class are so great with them. It's a really neat thing they do each month.

After that we went in to the Rock In The Square (or whatever it's called) at Freimann Square in FW. We listened to a couple bands, hung out around the pool/fountain, and had a really nice relaxing evening among some increasingly familiar characters. I think many of these people are among the homeless we give underwear and coats. There was the guy with his lawnmower, the guy in the bathrobe, the guy with the laces up to his knees, and several other people I recognized. And lots of people with dogs, and on bicycles. The music was good too. I don't normally like Ska type music, but Unlikely Alibi was pretty good/fun. They made the trees dance. And I kinda liked the Tone Junkies, for a three-piece band. They had a neat "retro" sound. NOTE TO SELF: The guy from Guitar Exchange plays bass for the Tone Junkies (the guy with the white-walled motorcycle).

I'm sure this week will be terrible... But yesterday was nice. Really nice. Thank you, Lord.

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