Monday, June 08, 2009

Nearly dead in deadwood

I am sitting in a corner room in a hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. I left my sister's hometown in in Minnesota at 8 this morning, dropped our kids off at the Minneapolis airport, and lady Jane and I drove south and then west for something like 13 hours. It rained for the first many hours, then it was cloudy but dry, then a bit sunny and clear, and then just as we headed into the Black Hills it turned cloudy again. The hills were a bit haunting to me in my driving-tired state. I feel like we're down in a hole. And there are freaking slot machines in every window. I had no idea. Some guy stopped us on the street and said, "Hey man, you just missed like 60 bats flying over." He was drunk as a skunk and happy as all get-out. We had just stuffed ourselves on hamburgers because we were starved from the highway and don't have a clue what we're doing here. But right now the bed is calling, and tomorrow will be a new day. We will see some sites and visit with some new friends. More later.

peace out; and in.

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Larry Geiger said...

Grown kids celebrating and moving on with life. The best part of life for parents!!

(ps It gets even better when we move from happy parents to very happy grandparents. God has wonderful blessings for all phases of life.)