Tuesday, June 02, 2009

On vacation

I am now officially on vacation for 2 weeks. I worked yesterday and got pretty much everything done that I intended to get done. It was nice to leave the office and see a fairly clean desk and not have any real big issues lingering over my head. Of course, being on vacation and sitting next door to the office doesn't remove it from my mind like sitting on the beach in Punta Cana might. I did open the church mail today; and checked email messages. But so far I have resisted checking phone messages (though I did figure out how to do that from a remote location).

I started off this vacation by calling the doctors office the minute they opened at 9 this morning. I really just had a question, but they said the doctor would need to see me to answer it, so... I drove over to South Anthony Boulevard and chatted with the doc for a bit. I'm still not dead yet.

And of course the article about the church pavilion came out in the newspaper today. It was actually a pretty good article - with 2 pictures even - and most of it was correct (though not all). I had asked if they could hold it until I was back from vacation, but I guess I was too late. So hopefully no one will call to book it for the next 3 weeks. It's in one of those free papers (The Ossian Sunriser), and even made the front page. The headline reads: "Yoder Church Offers Park As Way of Giving to Community." I don't think it's available anywhere on the internet.

Well, nothing much on the agenda. It's been raining most of the morning. Jane and I had planned to take in our first Tincaps game of the year tonight, but I don't think we'll go if it's still raining. Otherwise, the doctor told me I am supposed to "take it easy." No heavy lifting, no physical or mental exertion. So... who am I to argue with a doctor, you know. I think I'll have a bowl of cereal now. Frosted mini-wheats: Strawberry Delight. Mmm.

Peace out; and in.

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