Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funerals and travels and such

This was a long week. I was kinda sorta involved in one funeral earlier in the week, and I can't really say anything about it at the moment. Then Jane's cousin passed away and we had her funeral in Dixon, IL on Friday/Saturday. Dixon is, of course, the hometown of former President Ronald Reagan, but we didn't do any Reagonomics while there.

I will say this about the second funeral though... and I hate to be one to make cynical statements about funeral services, or pastors for that matter... but it was perhaps THE WORST funeral I have ever been to. The guy was totally detached; never even acknowledged the family; told stories - almost exclusively about himself; and that had nothing to do with anything; and just went on and on and on spewing Bible verses but never saying anything about how they applied to anything. It was horrid. I sat there with my head down wondering what in the world this guy was doing, and I almost jumped out of my seat and screamed "SHUT UP" several times. I looked around at everyone else, and it was like everyone was just sitting there. Nothing. It was the most emotionless situation I think I've ever been in. Very sad, because the person it was for was the total opposite of that. The only bright spot was that Jane's brother did a really nice job with the eulogy.

Traveling wasn't too bad. We went straight to Dixon from home, and we went on route 24, to I-39, to route 52. It took about 6 hours. We stopped for gas in Monticello, IN, and I've had this cut on my hand; I must have broken it open at the gas station because when I went up to pay I had blood all over my shirt. Fortunately I was just wearing the undershirt and hadn't put my nice shirt on yet (because of the drive). I just switched shirts in the parking lot. Unlike Jane who changed clothes while driving down the road. Oh, and after we left the gas station I looked in the rearview mirror and I also must have unlatched the trunk, because the trunk lid was flopping up and down.

After the visitation we went with 3 of Jane's brothers to the Candlelight Inn (or something) in Rock Falls. It was $12 just for chicken strips! It was a nice time though. Then we went out to her mom's old house and saw her other brother who had just gotten in from Colorado and was staying there. We stayed at my dad's, but we were just there to sleep. Which is good, because I looked at the thermostat and it was set on SEVENTY SEVEN DEGREES! I was sweating the whole time. Mom was gone to a family reunion or something.

After the funeral we left straight from the funeral dinner. I snapped some pics of Jane and her four brothers in the parking lot. It's not often that they're all together. They all kinda look alike now - except for Jane. We decided to come home on I-80. It CAN be quicker, but if traffic is bad and we get stuck it can be a lot longer. So we usually never take it. Traffic was actually quite good. We never had to stop once. We took 52 to I-39 to I-80 to I-65 to route 30. It took about 5 hours and 5 minutes. It was just over 2 hours from Valporaiso to home. There is an Applebees right along 30 (for future reference). Or, Merrilville has an Olive Garden right along 30, at that mall. Anyway, the worst part about this trip - other than all the stoplights on 30 - is that stretch between Joliet, IL and Gary, IN. And I didn't realize they were having the Michael Jackson tribute in Gary right when we went through. I especially hate that part in Joliet where it's a 45 mph speed limit, and everyone is doing 75. Not that I mind the speed, it's just so stinking curvy and there are so many stinking cars and semi's. But I always think of the Blues Brothers in that stretch, so that passes time. And... we only had to pay one 60 cent toll. I thought we used to have to pay more tolls. Unless I'm thinking of going further into Indiana on 80. I dunno.

I really didn't feel bad physically when we got home, but I was tired last night. Now... it's another week.

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