Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving Carrie

I helped Carrie Jade move yesterday. She left her apartment of 2 years in Findlay and moved most of her stuff into storage at Southwest where Drew works. I picked up their moving truck (which was pretty nice, btw) shortly after 9 am and drove to Findlay. I got there about 11 and me, Drew, and Matt G. loaded most of the stuff. Carrie was cleaning; and later Kaitlyn (not Sarah) came over and helped (I hate it when I call someone the wrong name). The moving actually didn't go too bad considering it was a second floor apt. Much better than when we moved her in in the rain, and when Jane had just had foot surgery, and when everything had to go UP stairs. We got the couch out first, which was the worst thing to move. I think Drew and I left around 1 pm and dropped a dresser and his jeep at our house, then we went to the storage place and unloaded everything else. It is a really nice place (it's new), and only took us a half hour to unload. I put 25 gallons of gas in the truck when I filled it up. It was $61.50. Yikes. The truck rode much better when it was full than when it was empty. We came back to the house and Carrie was just getting done unloading her car and Drew's.

She left about an hour later to spend the rest of the week in Indianapolis for training for her new job. She has a couple weeks of work at WTS left, and she'll just stay with a friend during the week. Then she'll move back into the former black and gray room (which is now yellow and white) until her and Drew get a place.

I suppose I really have no reason to go to Findlay anymore. Though I would kinda like to get my masters sometime. And I think WTS is about as good as any seminary I know of. We'll see.

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