Sunday, August 16, 2009

Isaac's car

Isaac's car got hit last night. It was parked along the street in Anderson and an unidentified driver hit it around 10 pm. They fled on foot and left their car at the scene too. Which probably means they were drunk, had no insurance, it wasn't their car, or a combination of the above. Isaac was on his way home from the Jesus Radicals conference in Memphis when it happened. Fortunately it was parked across the street from his pastor's house, and his pastor called him and let him know.

I'm no insurance man, but I think it's probably totaled. It's a '97 Lumina, it's undriveable, and the frame is probably bent. Bummer. This is actually the second Lumina we've been through. Carrie was involved in two accidents with our '92 Lumina before Isaac finally rolled it on its top in a field and totaled it. At least he wasn't in this one at the time. Anyone know where we can find a good car for real cheap?

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