Monday, August 31, 2009

New classes, job, and car

I didn't sleep very well last night - maybe a couple hours. So I spent a lot of time praying. I think I had finally drifted off just before my alarm went off at 4:45 to make sure Carrie had gotten up (and to check to see how foggy it might be), and then I slept again until 6:04 when the alarm went off again.

School starts for Isaac today - his senior year of college - and he's sick. I prayed that he might feel good enough to go to class, or at least to see the school nurse. He went to the clinic Saturday with a really sore throat and swollen glands, and the doctor gave him some antibiotics and said if he wasn't better in a few days to see the nurse at AU. He didn't sound too good yesterday afternoon still, but I guess he hadn't been taking medicine for 24 hours yet. So hopefully today he will begin to feel better. I guess if he does have to miss a few classes it's better to do it your senior year of college than your freshman year. And he's an excellent student, so as long as it's nothing serious it shouldn't cause a problem.

Carrie had to go back to Elkhart today to give another round of lectures at a high school there. I think it's the same school she went to Friday, and she had a little trouble getting there and back (though the lectures went really well). I guess on her way there the main road was closed, as were the side roads off of it, and then her gps couldn't get a signal. I actually just got a text message from her, and she said I-69 to I-80/90 (which she took this morning) was much better, and she made it in plenty of time this morning. Hopefully the rest of the day will go just as well, and there will be no idiot high school boys trying to hit on her.

And... I 'think' Drew Carrie may even be getting a new car today. They looked at a 2004 Malibu with 31000 miles on it Saturday. The dealer just got it in (and doesn't even have the title yet, actually), but I think they will purchase it once they can. I got to drive it a bit, and it is one nice ride. It's nicer than any car Jane and I have ever had. It would be a relief to check that off the list.

Now I just hope I can stay awake today.

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