Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running around

While Jane was at class last night I did some running around. First I ran around in circles in the junk room. My thinking is, if I can get rid of one box every few days, eventually I might be able to get the treadmill out again. So last night I took a box full of old Guitar World magazines out. We had four years worth - from 2002 - 2006 - all in order, and I really hated to part with them... but we've gotta lighten our load some. So I took them to the guy at Guitar Exchange and asked if he would be interested in them. He was eating a Snickers bar while sitting at his desk playing a computer game. He seemed happy to have them though. While there I also looked around a bit. He's got some nice used amps. And my eye was caught by two Epiphone Les Paul's - both of them gold. I'm not sure I want a gold colored guitar, even though it would match the dress Jane got for the wedding perfectly.

After that I went to the old Family Christian Bookstore (north of the mall) to look for some stuff. I prefer this store over the other two big ones in town - especially the Jefferson Pointe store. I was looking for one of those iworship things. They didn't have what I was looking for, but I did get a cd of "Hymns for Karaoke." I am kinda hoping this might be something the church can use to sing along with. I dunno. We'll see. I wish they had cd music without the voices somewhere - other than a computer cd. And those iworship things are so stinkin expensive.

I also picked up some stickers. I try to send a birthday card to everyone in the church, and I like to have something to put in the card for little kids. Although, at the rate we're going, I won't need any much longer. Geez.

And after picking it up and putting it back several times, I finally broke down and bought ReJesus by Frost and Hirsch. I really liked their book The Shaping of Things to Come, but I refuse to read The Forgotten Ways for personal reasons. And since ReJesus is relatively short for them, I thought 'what the heck.' But the last thing I really need is another book. Arg.

Other than that I didn't sleep for crap last night. I don't know what the deal is. I haven't felt right for a few days. Nothing serious, but just kinda restless or something. I don't much care for heat and humidity. And we're still waiting on the insurance company with Isaac's car; and waiting on our tax preparer to tell us why the IRS says we now owe $900 more for 2007; and wishing Jesus would come back today. That would take care of so many things.

Peace out; and in.


Timothy said...

What iWorship set would you get?

Nephew Tim

dan horwedel said...

Hey Tim,

Nice to hear from you. I still don't know for sure. It's all so confusing to me. But I was thinking I would like one of the MPEG sets, probably A-F, like the one: here (http://tinyurl.com/np7pa9). I just hate to spend $145 just to see though.

Do you know anything about these? Any suggestions?