Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tincaps christmas in july

Jane got home from work last night and wanted to go to a baseball game, so we headed in to Parkview Field to see the Tincaps play. We didn't arrive until after the game started, but were able to get free parking behind Cindy's Diner. It says a permit is required, but I'm thinking that's just during business hours. It's a great place to park, and allows entrance on the Jefferson side of the stadium. I hope to never have to use the south entrance again. It was nuts the last time we tried that.

Anyway, all they had left were $5 standing-room-only tickets. We walked right up to the booth, bought them, and walked right in. We were starving so we went to the first food place, got a hamburger, hot dog, and one bottle of water to share, and it was $14. More for food than for our tickets! It was a great night for a baseball game though. I don't know how many times we walked around the concourse... We would stop every now and then when we found a rail to lean against or wanted to see something. I think there were just under 8,000 in attendance. Very nice crowd.

Oh, and it was Christmas-in-July. I don't know what that means, but for last night it meant they played lots of Christmas songs, and the workers dressed in elf suits, and there was a Santa (I don't think he was the real deal), and all the activities were Christmas-themed. I suppose it allows them to do different things than the same old, same old. Whatever.

I have to say, personally, I think building this stadium downtown was one fine idea. I mean, did they draw this many people out to the other place on a regular basis? I don't think so. And walking around it was obvious that many (and I mean MANY) of the people aren't there to watch baseball. It is an EVENT. It's something to do. I bet half the people there weren't watching the game, and probably couldn't even tell you who won (I wouldn't have known had it not been a nail-biter). And I think that's good. It's good for the team, and good for the town.

You know, and I have nothing against baseball... I'm not a real big fan of watching it or playing it. I hate watching it on tv. I mean, they throw a pitch, then you wait 5 minutes; they throw another pitch, then you wait 5 minutes. After 3 outs, you wait 15 minutes (so maybe I'm exaggerating a little). It is sooooo slow. But that's the fun of going to professional baseball games... it's not the baseball, it's all the other activity that goes on. So it's a pretty good time for $5.

This was also our first time attending a game with fireworks. They have an AWESOME fireworks show afterward. We stood by the little park area when they started them, and actually decided to leave partway through because we thought they were over. And, shoot, when we got to the library they started in on what we thought was the grand finale, so we stopped and watched in awe (along with a bunch of other people), and we even applauded when it simmered down, headed to the car, and low and behold if they didn't start up AGAIN. They were still shooting them off when we drove away. Crazy good fireworks. Especially since we don't usually go to any on fourth of July. So it was like Christmas and fourth of July all at the same time!

So, points to remember: always park somewhere downtown; only use the north entrance/exit; and stay for the fireworks. And, SRO seats (or lawn seats for that matter) aren't too bad. We had a couple chances to get a table so we could sit down, but we didn't. A seat would have been nice, but by saving $6+ I can live without one. I think we got there about 7:15, and left a little after 10. And some nut was complaining about the extra traffic. Shoot, there are no traffic problems - unless maybe it's around the south end by the Parkview garage. But I don't ever want to go that way again anyway. Downtown traffic is fine. Very worthwhile (imho). You should go!

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