Friday, August 14, 2009

Tomatoes and grilling

The tomato plants don't look so hot, but at least we're finally getting some. The ones on the left are cherry tomatoes, and we've actually had a few of those already, and you can see there are some ripe ones, and quite a few green ones as well. The beefsteaks on the right aren't quite as good. There is just one tomato - and that's all there's ever been. I'm wondering if another one will ever grow.

A few weeks ago I poked some holes in the side of the buckets, because they were getting sooooo stinking dry. We have to water them almost every day. Granted, it's been pretty dry around these parts, but I didn't expect it to be like this. I thought the holes in the sides might help with air flow. Also, we started out with no lids, but we put lids on, and just cut about a 2" hole to water through, because I thought maybe the dirt was getting too sun-baked.

I don't know if the plastic is just too hard, or if it's something else. The cherry tomatoes taste fine, and other people have said their tomatoes aren't coming up real good this year either, but the plants have just looked so wilted and sad. I dunno. It was definitely worth a try though.

And this was our supper last night cooking on the grill (corn on the cob and salmon). I did the lighting, but I let lady Jane do the cooking of such delicate foods (Plus somebody had to take pictures). We switched back to charcoal several years ago. There was probably a reason, but I can't remember what it was now. I think I've almost got the fiance trained on the grill too, so now that Carrie is living with us again he can get to know my grill as well as my girl. As you can see, I need to sweep off the little shelf too. People make fun of my whisk broom I hang off the grill, but it comes in handy sometimes.

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