Saturday, August 22, 2009

Water-gun rights at healthcare reform rally

Mark this down as "I wish I had thought of that." Just after I posted on facebook that we ought to have the right to carry peaches (it was a lame attempt to show the absurdity of the 'right to bear arms' lunacy), I saw this post from Rose about her experience of carrying a water-gun to a healthcare reform rally in Washington D.C. Awesome! The full story and pics can be found on her blog:

I like her reasoning for carrying the water gun...
I’m taking a comic approach to a very serious issue. This country needs health-care reform now. It must have 1) a public option, 2) it must provide accessible and affordable insurance for everyone who is uninsured or under-insured, and 3) it should contain clear ‘conscience clauses’ around the issues that are morally sensitive. We need health-care reform now.



Joan B. said...

Rose is a hero (or shero, I guess) extraordinaire. One of the very best things about being in Washington was connecting with her. She is 100% authentic. I loved this -- and they investigated her daisy pistol, for crying out loud.

IGOR said...

Nothing like adding a little humor to a serious topic. GO DAN GO - When you're on the treadmill pretend you are heading toward the goaline for a touchdown like the old days!! Frank Sperry

dan horwedel said...

Well I'll be... FRANK SPERRY!!! I was just thinking about you a couple weeks ago when I saw some of your classmates getting primed for their/your class reunion. How the heck are you? Where do you live? Send me an email or something.

You know so many famous people. From what little I know about her I can totally see you two connecting.

IGOR said...

e-mail me direct at