Monday, September 28, 2009

Animal blessing sunday

I noticed a neighboring church was having a "Pet Blessing Sunday" coming up, and thought that was a little odd. I vaguely remember hearing of churches doing this, but didn't realize it was commonly associated with "St. Francis of Assisi Day" (I didn't really know there was a day for him either). Anyway, there are a scad of liturgies for blessing beasts found here:

This particular article states:
Although many saints are associated with particular animals, Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 C.E.) is most closely associated with the popular trend of animal blessings. During or near October 4th, the feast day of this patron saint of animals and the environment, a significant number of animal blessings take place.

St. Francis developed a profound connection with living things through his fascination with nature. His main inspiration came from animals. He viewed animals as living examples of spiritual integrity, blessing them and striving to understand and connect with them. St. Francis is remembered for his love of all creatures, especially birds, and is probably most known for his "Canticles to the Creatures" and "Sermon to the Birds."

Well, I am somewhat familiar with St. Frank, but I don't think I ever knew any of this stuff. Innaresting. Anyway... we will be observing 'World Communion Sunday' this week.


Jim said...

If I were to ever join the Catholic Church I would become a Franciscan priest. On top of the animal stuff he was definitely a class act.

dan horwedel said...

Didn't Rich Mullins start a group called "Kid Brothers of St. Frank" or something?

Hmm... and it seems your last few comments have all dealt with catholicism. Are you becoming catholic? :)

Jim said...

He did. I had forgotten about that...but that may be because I was in middle school (or younger) then and didn't care.

I really considered becoming Catholic for a while. Haven't signed up yet.