Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another random yesterday

Yesterday was a nice day. I drove over to Findlay, Ohio and gave a presentation to the long range planning committee at Winebrenner Seminary. I was one of two people giving the perspective of a small church pastor. The other was a woman from Pennsylvania - who wasn't able to be there, but she participated over the phone. We were the second team of presenters - following the large, suburban church pastors. It was a bit of a contrast. Anyway, I had fun, and it was kind of a restful day just driving there and back, and hanging with some nice people for a bit.

Last night we decided on the spur of the moment to attend the last Tincaps home game. They are in the championship series of whatever league they're in, and the remaining games are in Burlington, Iowa I think. Oddly enough we walked in right when Drew Carrie walked in. We also apparently parked in the same parking lot off of Berry. It was a good game (Tincaps won and are up 2-0); it was a nice cool evening; good crowd; dollar hot dogs (though we didn't have any). Although, the 3 people sitting behind us in row y were the kind of people that wanted to include everyone else in their conversation. It's funny how some people, when they talk you can hardly hear them, but some people just really make themselves heard. But they were nice seats - seats 1 & 2 in row X of section 101. And I forgot, but the last game we were at - we were sitting in section 102 - and there were two foul balls hit just across the aisle from us. The first one bounced off the rail and landed right in the lap of the girl sitting across from us. She wasn't even watching, and it was just right there. It was kinda funny at the time.

Carrie also got some exciting news yesterday: she got a part-time job at Best Buy! Not sure yet what she'll be doing, but I'm hoping it might mean discounts for family members. :) This is in addition to her job at Harrison College. Apparently she had too much free time.

We found out Sunday that son Isaac 'may' have a job lined up after graduation too. Working at a transitional living house for men. It would be nice if that worked out.

Other than that... I am tired as a dog this morning. And I've got just short of a million things to do. I don't even have my sermon done yet, let alone anything else. One of those weeks. And I literally have piles of stuff sprawled around my office. Ugh. But it's been a good week so far. Hopefully it will remain so.

Peace out; and in.

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