Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Man, I seem to be getting forgetful lately. Sunday we had communion by intinction, and I didn't even think about it until it was time to partake that I had never asked anyone to help serve it. So I just asked for volunteers on the spot. I had four people jump right up to offer to help. That was really nice. Almost better than asking people ahead of time.

The two Sunday's before that I actually forgot to pray before we took communion. How can I do that? I don't know, but I did. Just plum forgot. For the one I just prayed after we were done; the first one I didn't do it at all.

Last week I also had another blunder. On my sermon slides I sometimes put the page number for the pew Bibles for the text I am using. Instead of writing, "p.# such-and-such in the pew Bible" I wrote "p. # such-and-such in the HYMNAL." Ha! Only a couple people noticed apparently, as I asked them about it this week.

Anyway, I am glad I am a part of a very patient and loving and forgiving church. For the most part no one is really concerned about all the little things that so many places might nitpick about. Yet I have still been somewhat nervous during our worship gatherings lately. Not so much about my preaching, but in those transitional moments. I'm ok as long as I have things written down, but sometimes I will say something totally stupid off the top of my head. I suppose I am still a little gunshy from the couple who got upset several weeks ago. Sometimes people can be offended by the slightest of things.


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Jim said...

Maybe it's just that you're getting old...Now, just where did I put my teeth?