Saturday, September 26, 2009

New coffee maker

We started using our new coffee maker this morning. We actually bought it the other day when I went to make coffee in our old one, and as I picked up the pot, the bottom of the coffee maker came off. I just set it back down where it went, and it seemed to work ok. But we've had that maker for a long time, so we picked up a new one that night (Thursday). We were still using the old one, and this morning when I made coffee, it spilled out all over the place - coffee and coffee grounds all over the counter - and then it got coffee down inside where the electronics are, and I think it is safe to say it is now dead.

So, we actually bought a Bunn coffee-maker this time. We've never had one, but my mom has always used a Bunn and liked them very much. We debated, because, you know, you can buy like 4 or 5 regular coffee makers for the price of a Bunn. But... what the heck; you only live once, right? Now we will have great tasting coffee in only 3 minutes! Of course, we got it all set up, and it won't fit underneath of our antiquated cupboards. So it's kind of the centerpiece of the kitchen now - along with the computer and the piano. Argh.

And, I forgot to mention, not only was there coffee all over the kitchen this morning, there were bandaids everywhere too. Carrie cut their foot at the Kings of Leon concert last night. I heard them at 3 am doing 'something.' Hopefully everyone will survive. We were also informed that son Isaac won some prize for dressing up as a gay porn star or something being best dressed at a disco dance. Hmm... always knew that blue suit would come in handy.

Peace out; and in.


Isaac Horwedel said...

ACTUALLY I won "best dressed" at the disco dance at school last night. I did my best to look like some of the pictures I've seen of men at discos in the seventies...I guess to a lot of people that also looks like a gay porn star.

dan horwedel said...

Hahahaha... well, I was just going by what I thought I heard Carrie say. So I don't know where the confusion came in. Congrats on your major award then. :)

Larry Geiger said...

Seventies huh?
That was just yesterday.
Picking on the old guys again. Just so you know, we looked VERY cool back then and the girls LOVED it!