Saturday, September 05, 2009

No soup for you

Jane and Carrie took off for the old homeland yesterday (Buda). The aunts are throwing Carrie her first bridal shower, and it was also a chance for them to go shopping with grandma. Of course this left me to fend for myself - which is always a little risky.

For lunch I had movie-theater popcorn. I saw Inglorious Bastards, and was mildly disappointed by it. I confess that I like Brad Pitt as an actor, and I enjoy some of Quinten Tarantino's work ('Pulp Fiction' is one of my evil fave's). But this movie was fairly unsettling for me. While I still enjoyed the irreverent rebellion of Brad's character, and even QT's movie in general (the best part was the David Bowie song, but maybe the worst part was the scene it appeared with), it had me thinking from the get-go that maybe it's not good that I enjoy things like this so much. Certainly one can rebel for the right reasons... but I don't know that that's what any of this was about. The brutal violence was a bit over the top even for me, and I found myself looking away not just a few times. Not to mention the whole plot of revenge and gorrilla tactics used to insight fear. These are things that I am utterly opposed to. So... I was left wondering what I was doing sitting in this theater enjoying this film with a bag of popcorn and a giant diet coke. Hmm.

Anyway, after that I dinked around. Got stuck behind a wreck trying to leave Jefferson Pointe. Went home finally and had a tomato and cheese sandwich with Miracle Whip on it. Then I decided to take in the final regular season Tincaps game at home. It was a beautiful night, there was a standing-room-only crowd, the moon was full. It would have been perfect had I not been alone. So I plopped my five onto the counter and looked for a good spot to stand. I lost track of how many times I walked around the concourse, but I found quite a few nice poles or fence spots to lean on. I saw Mark Mellenger (channel 15 news) and his family several times. They must not have gotten seats either. I saw a lady who might be a member of our church - but who never attends on Sunday - and she was with someone that was not her husband (at least the last I knew). She avoided eye contact with me. I also saw the lady who cuts Jane, Carrie and Isaacs hair, with her child and hubby. Actually, I followed them for quite awhile before I realized who it was. It's always nice to get behind a couple pushing a baby stroller when going through a crowd - they work like an offensive line clearing a path. It wasn't until she stopped and bent down to her child (and I almost ran into them) that I noticed her face. Then I couldn't remember her name. It finally dawned on me, but by then the moment had passed. I saw them a few more times, but I never did say anything. Probably should have. I enjoyed our conversations the couple times she cut my hair. I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on my mop. Anyway, by the sixth inning my legs were getting tired, so I walked back to our usual parking spot behind Cindy's and headed for home. And, even though I didn't stay for the fireworks, I stood and watched the two kids who were setting them up on the trailer for quite awhile. Lots of wires involved.

Once home I was hungry again - as I didn't eat or drink anything at the game - so I thought I would have some beans and weenies. I got some pork and beans at the store earlier. I finally found the can opener and... I could not figure out how to work the stupid thing! I told Jane not to throw away the old one, but she must have. This dern new fangled stuff anyway. So I pounded on and bent an opening in the top of the can and finally got my beans out. Geesh.

On tap for today... Work this morning, there is a pavilion reservation this afternoon (a family reunion, maybe), Illinois vs. Missouri football is on ESPN at 3:30, so I figured that would be a good time to do the treadmill, and... then I guess I'll just wait for the ladies to return. I will probably get some fast food for supper.


Jim said...

Not being able to work the can opener is CLASSIC!

I think we need to get you into emergency remedial cooking classes, for you're own good.

dan horwedel said...

Yeah, and what's worse is... just tonight I was heating up what was left in the can, and I actually HAD opened the lid. I just didn't know it was opened. It cuts around the side, and then you lift off the lid. I just hadn't lifted off the lid. Man, sometimes I am an idiot.

Jim said...

I prefer to think you were in deep theological thought, wrestling with the issues of our times, and such a mundane matter just escaped you.