Friday, September 04, 2009

This and that (but not the other thing)

A lonely Friday at home on my day off. Jane and Carrie took off for Buda for Carrie's first wedding shower given by the aunts on our side of the family. I need to finish mowing, maybe spray some weeds, maybe go see Inglorious Bastards, and at some point I should probably start working on the four weddings that I have coming up.

Last night we went to another Tincaps game. I tell you... Fort Wayne has to have one of the nicest minor league ballparks in the country. In fact, I think that's a fact. I have never really had an interest in baseball, but I absolutely LOVE going to games downtown. I honestly don't think I would have attended another one out at the Coliseum if they were still playing there. Carrie got us good seats on the third base side for last night. There were quite a few foul balls that came that way. We weren't in our seats too often though. And I finally broke down and bought a Tincaps hat last night. I got one of the gray "batting practice" hats. That's the one I had wanted since I first saw them, but I hadn't been able to find one since that first game we went to. We were just leaving the store last night and I caught them on the bottom row on the side outta the corner of my eye. I like it!

At one point last night I was leaning against the wall outside the restroom waiting for Jane who was getting a water, and there was this white lady with a black child that I had noticed walking back and forth. The lady had the child by the arm. The child was crying and the lady looked like she was about ready to explode. The lady finally ran after this older man as he was going into the restroom. I learned later it was her father. I had started to pray for the situation, because it seemed both lady and child were somewhat frantic... and sure enough, the lady walks up to me. She told the child to stand next to me and wait for "grandpa" to come out of the restroom, and the lady starts talking to me. She says, "Adoption is so great" in a really sarcastic way. I tried to look calm, and smiled, and said, "Well, I'm sure it really is most of the time, isn't it?" And she said, "Yeah." Then she tells me, "I bought a beer for me and my husband, and I had to suck his down and mine is almost gone. I can't take it anymore. Then I finally saw my dad." I said, "Well, sometimes that's how it goes. Good thing your dad was here, huh?" By this time mother and child were both starting to calm down, and then grandpa came out. That was just a bit weird though. I always feel bad when parents get to that frantic point... because I can remember being there a few times myself. I have often thought about learning some simple magic tricks, just for such occasions as this. Just something to maybe help diffuse difficult situations. I should do that.

Yesterday afternoon was a bit frustrating. I have had a note on my "to do" list for eons about needing to change my retirement thing from a private carrier to our denominational pension plan. The church just started the retirement thing not too long ago, and I have absolutely no clue about what anything even is. Last year there were some new rules introduced, and I still don't have a clue about them. So I thought maybe if I went with our denominational plan that might help. Plus I get things from time to time trying to encourage me to do so. So, I finally called the place where I currently have it and talked to them. The guy gave me 3 simple steps and it all made so much sense. And he was extremely nice. So then I called the denominational office and... I was even more confused than when I started. Apparently they don't have the paper that the other guy said they should have. So I called the current place back again and got a very nice lady. She said that was no problem and she would send me something from them in its place. I got it via email while still on the phone. After I hung up I opened it up and it is TWELVE PAGES LONG of stuff I need to fill out. I think I'm just going to forget the whole thing and leave it how it is. I hate stuff like that.

On an even sadder note... we found the baby bunny I walloped with the lawn mower last week. Last night when I was mowing I sent it scrambling from among the bushes and it ran around to the front of the house. It was just teeny tiny. Then, when Jane and Carrie went to leave this morning, they found it laying in the flower box in front of the house. It is just all sprawled out and dead. I don't know if it's too young to be on its own, or if it got too cold - because it should still be in the nest that I threw it out of last week - or what. Bummer.

Well, I suppose I should do something.

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