Sunday, October 25, 2009

Filling the baptistry

When we do baptisms we have two basic options. One is to use the pond of one of our families who live just down the road. The other is to borrow the portable baptistry from a neighboring church. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. At any rate, today we baptized 2 people at the end of our worship gathering, and we borrowed the portable baptistry.

I like doing baptisms as part of the Sunday gathering, because more people come and it is more of a group celebration. When we go to the pond not everyone goes. Too bad we didn't have a pond on the church property. At any rate, I always forget how long it takes to fill this tub, so I thought I better write it down.

I always fill the baptistry part way on Saturday with hot water (about 4" above the seat). Then Sunday morning I fill it the rest of the way with warm water (about 8" from the top). It probably takes about half an hour each day. I use a garden hose from the back restroom sink. First I have to take the hose attachment from the sink in the storage room and screw it onto the bottom part of the faucet (after first removing the thing that's on there). When it is full I also need to remember not to drain the water out of the hose. This way, when I go to drain the tub I can just stick the hose back in, and take the end from the sink and stick it out the north door. Usually - if there's enough water left in it - once I get it to the bottom of the outside steps it starts draining out by itself.

We didn't even spill too much water out today!

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