Saturday, October 24, 2009

The first dance party (and Carrie's new place)

We went to our first 'dance party' last night at the dance-lesson place. Uh... it did not go so well. It started out ok. They always have a 1/2-hour group lesson before and then follow it with an open dance party so you can practice all the stuff you've learned (supposedly). The group lesson was for Foxtrot, and I thought I did ok. I already knew the basics of it. But, geez, there were A BUNCH of people there. The room was full all the way across. There must have been at least 35 people just for the lesson. Then, as soon as it was done, they turned out the lights, turned up the music, and the place was suddenly just crawling with people. There were young and old, hip and nerdy, it was a wild conglomeration of people. Which was kinda fun, and funny, to be honest. The problem was... this was when we went from the practice field to a real live game... and I was outta my league. We danced a Foxtrot, and tried a Swing and a Waltz - and Jane danced a Rumba with Chad - but... there were so many dances they did that I didn't even know existed, let alone know how to do them. And even the ones we did know... we soon found out we don't know very much. And the floor was so crowded that I felt like we were in everyone's way (even though I'm sure we weren't).

What they do is, they put on a song and usually announce what kind of dance it is. Then you pick a partner and people hit the floor. And let me tell you... the best dancers are the old folks. Especially the men. So mostly we stood along the wall like a couple of kids at a Jr. High dance until I finally talked Jane into leaving around 9:30. Another thing I was surprised by - we seemed to be one of the few couples there. It definitely seems to be a singles hotspot. Which I think is good. I was just a little surprised. And it's not that everyone else was good, but it was just a bit overwhelming. So, anyway, we have 5 more of these dance parties to attend by the end of the year. I imagine we'll do it again, but... the first time was very humbling, and not just a little discouraging. I am no dancer, I know that.

Afterward we swung over to get our tour of Drew Carrie's new place. It is only a few minutes from the dance place. A very nice little apartment they have. They had friends there so we didn't stick around too long, but I think it will be a nice place for them. I forgot to see how long it took us to get home from there though.

It was a mixed day. I need to find something to do, or someplace to go, on my day off. The lack of social interaction is killing me. I need to find a place to volunteer, or a place where I can go and make some friends or something. Someplace where I'm not necessarily "the pastor," but not that I don't want to be "a Christian." But what's new...

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