Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've decided to create a new category for 'haircuts.' I don't know why, exactly. But why not?

I was between places in Fort Wayne today and since it was such a crappy, cold, rainy day, I thought I would get one. I've needed it "cleaned up" a bit for awhile, and I have a wedding this weekend, and I think that always helps.

I went to the Great Clips by Blockbuster on W. Jefferson. That's where I've been going lately. I hardly ever see the same people working there whenever I am there. But it's $11, plus a $2 tip, and I'm almost always in and out real quick. How bad can my hair be screwed up anyway.

Today I had a really nice girl. I can't remember her name... I wish I could. I think it started with a "V". Anyway, it was just the right amount of chit-chat and whatnot. And it wasn't forced. She also made a note to cut the back "rounded." They always ask me, and I can never remember if it's "rounded" or "squared." So now I know. I think she took off 1/2" all over. I like it. As much as I can like or dislike a haircut.

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