Thursday, October 08, 2009


I mowed today - possibly for the last time this year. It was north-south, and I believe I set a new record for the fastest time ever: It took a couple minutes shy of 2 hours exactly. I mowed wide and fast, and hit the corners and rows just right.

I didn't plan to mow today, but it was supposed to start raining tonight and the rest of the week; and it actually looked like rain this morning, so I went ahead and did it during the day. I got hit with a couple of sprinkles, but right after I got done it started to rain. So I guess I timed that perfectly. I probably could have waited, but since we're having the fish fry this weekend I wanted to get it done.

If this is, indeed, the last mowing of the year, that means I mowed 19 times this summer. The first time was April 23. I mowed 5 times in May, and 3 times per month June through September. Last summer I mowed 21 times total, and the last mowing was October 23... so it's possible there could be one more. We'll see.

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