Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last lesson, new teacher

Last night we had our last private dance lesson, and we had a brand new teacher. Last week Chad called and said he was sick, and when we went in tonight we didn't see him. We asked the lady at the desk if he was here and she said, "No, but you'll still have your lesson." Then she leans in and says, "We had to let Chad go." Apparently he is famous for calling in sick. So... we had Josh for our instructor. I feel bad for Chad, but we actually liked Josh really well. He taught us stuff I wished we'd learned from the beginning. And at one point he says, "Are you two some kind of teachers or something?" So I said I was a pastor, and we talked about where we were from and stuff. He was nice. He taught us a totally different 'Swing' dance than we had been learning, and it was SO much easier.

Josh taught us the Jitterbug (or one-step swing). There is a nice Youtube video HERE. We can use all the turns and spins that we learned in East Coast Swing in this, so the other wasn't a waste. I wish we'd have learned this a long time ago though.

We still have a couple of group lessons left, and we haven't been to any Friday night dances (we have five). So... yeah, we'll see. It was nice to end on a good note though. And during our lesson we were the only ones on the floor most of the time, so that was kinda nice too. A couple more days and it will all take place for real though. I'm still no dancer.... but now I can at least Rumba and Jitterbug.

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