Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random links

  • A great post by Rachel Evans on being a Bible-snob. Nicely written and a must read for almost anyone who considers themselves a Christian. I don't like when I am one, or especially when I am around others who are. God help us all.
  • I ran across a link to this post: "Does Being Sad, or Complaining, Make You Smarter?" Ha! Apparently being sad makes one less gullible and therefore improves their judgment, as well as boosting memory and making one more attentive to their surroundings. I just hope this doesn't cheer me up too much and ruin all my good qualities.
  • "Top Ten Things Church Hoppers Say" is one of those posts that is kinda funny, but also pretty sad. As a pastor I have actually heard every one of these. However, there is a difference between someone who continually hops from one church to another for these reasons and those who have legitimate reasons to leave. My heart goes out to the latter group... and, in a way, even the first group. Though some people are just idiots. Apparently these are in a book by Bob Franquiz called 'Zero to Sixty'.
  • Slightly related might be this post by DD on "Low-Grade Sense of Ministerial Failure." I have actually had a rather "high-grade" sense of it lately. And now I have my reason for not taking Mondays off. I don't understand why so many church people think pastors are the enemy.
  • To end on a high note though, Andrew has a nice post about 'Taking The Family On The Road', with links to other articles about people who've sold their homes and taken to living in RV's. I have great admiration for what the Joneses are doing in their 'Great Commission Vehicle.' It is something Jane and I actually talk about from time to time. I don't know if I could do it though.

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